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  • Blue Sapphire Side Stone Engagement Ring Setting

    $1,370 Price is for setting only.
    For those who would like a ring with both sparkle and colour, this is an ideal choice as coloured gemstones are on-trend. Traditionally, sapphires in an engagement ring represent sincerity and faithfulness. A slim band leads up to a blue sapphire on each side of the central diamond. Echoes the Knife Edge Solitaire Setting.
    This setting is out of stock
  • Star Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

    $1,112 Price is for setting only.
    A halo design which exudes the glamour of the Hollywood Starlets. Inspired by the Art Deco movement, this ring embodies Old World charm and the romanticism associated with this period. Pave set diamonds cover the top half of the band and form a geometric star halo around the central diamond
    This setting is out of stock