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  • Tapered Cathedral Engagement Ring Setting

    $699 Price is for setting only.
    A standout setting – you can’t miss this sparkler. Enhances the diamond size by raising it up and through a tapered band. Sits flush with a wedding band. Inspired by the original fairy-tale engagement ring style, this design won’t go unnoticed. A substantial band tapers up to meet a collet which raises the diamond up to catch the light.
    This setting is out of stock
  • Channel Set Side Stone Engagement Ring Setting

    $1,120 Price is for setting only.
    Channel set diamonds are secure and allow light to get to stones as there is less metal around each individual diamond. Optimum sparkle and security, a channel of brilliance draws the eye up to the central diamond.
    This setting is out of stock
  • Blue Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

    $1,130 Price is for setting only.
    For those who would like a ring with both sparkle and colour, this is an ideal choice as coloured gemstones are on-trend. Traditionally, sapphires in an engagement ring represent sincerity and faithfulness. Alternating diamond and sapphires on the band leading up to a central diamond. Metalwork on the sides of the band add a subtle detail.
    This setting is out of stock