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  • Contour Pave Set Side Stone Engagement Ring Setting

    $828 Price is for setting only.
    A pave set side stone setting which follows the contours of the ring finger. Feminine, delicate and elegant.A blossoming romance. The gentle upwards sweep of the setting to the central diamond echoes the organic shapes created by flowers in bloom. A finely crafted band pave set with diamonds curves up to the four claw collet to hold the central diamond. The unbroken line of the band between each side of the diamond is flattering to the hand and makes the ring very attractive when viewed from above.
    This setting is out of stock
  • Simple Princess Cut Engagement Ring Setting

    $1,190 Price is for setting only.
    A modern princess cut side stone ring, perfect for those who can’t decide between princess cut or round diamonds. Understated elegance. Geometric simplicity and the subtle sparkle created by a princess channel design. Princess cut diamonds form a channel along the band, leading up to a central diamond. This design compliments any shape of centre stone.
    This setting is out of stock
  • Prong Set Side Stone Engagement Ring Setting

    $1,231 Price is for setting only.
    A striking design. Highly skilled craftsmanship allows the ring to be entirely open on one side of the band. Maximum light to the diamonds results in a stunning amount of sparkle.Diamonds dazzle along both sides of the band like water droplets in the sunlight. This ring features a channel style band on one side, and an open structure on the other. The line of the curve of the ring can be altered by switching the ring round. The band gently curves to form a flattering shape on the hand.
    This setting is out of stock